Is there anything more beautiful than enjoying time with family, friends or even being alone, with our own thoughts? It may get even better when moments of relaxation are imbued with the culinary rhythms of the Mediterranean and bursts of white freshness.

MYTHOS Greek-type yogurt brings the culinary secrets from faraway places into our home. It pampers a gourmet palate with its refreshing and mild flavour. It triggers a sense of deliciousness and rewards with a rich creamy texture. The facts that it is a good protein source and that only natural aromas are used to produce it only add to its excellent quality.

Those who prefer the freshness of yogurt will like plain MYTHOS without any added fruit, whereas lovers of culinary delights will enjoy the delicious portion of fruit. There is an old saying ‘Love passes through the stomach’ – and what can be better than to start the day with a meal that entails so many delights?