Lactose-free milk for a bright start of your day

Milk is a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. However, an increasing number of people have digestive problems when drinking milk. In most cases, there occur the symptoms of lactose intolerance, which prevents the digestion of milk sugar. For that reason,we recommend long-lasting lactose-free milk Zelene Doline, which can be freely consumed even by people with digestive problems.


Trajno mleko brez laktoze

For thousands of years people have been drinking milk, a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. The main source of energy is milk sugar, called lactose. Lactose consists of two components: glucose and galactose. In order to be absorbed in the body these two have to separate in the intestines and the enzyme lactase is responsible for that process.

More and more people are today facing a lack of the enzyme lactase, which is why lactose does not decompose in the intestines. As a consequence, this leads to abdominal bloating, cramps, pain and diarrhea. It is often diagnosed as lactose intolerance, i.e. the inability to fully digest milk sugar, lactose.

But what to eat, when we find out that we are lactose intolerant? It is not necessary to stop consuming milk in case of lactose intolerance. In order to avoid lactose, but not the positive features of milk, we can drink lactose-free milk, with lactose already decomposed during its preparation.

Today, in a wide variety of offered lactose-free milk products, a consumer can opt for long-lasting lactose- free milk Zelene Doline with 3.5 % milk fat, which can be consumed even by persons with digestive problems. Its origin presents our additional advantage over competitors since it is bought solely on Slovenian purchase regions and is labelled "GMO-free – produced / manufactured without genetically modified organisms". Practical packaging with a screw cap on the top gives this product an added value. With this cap a consumer can open and close packaging, but also use the product more easily. In this way, milk is quickly and easily poured into a glass or a mug and can be used for the preparation of various culinary delights.

Long-lasting lactose-free milk Zelene Doline represents a high-quality product to a Slovenian consumer and at the same time it reinforces the presence of this brand on the market. Among a wide range of products Zelene Doline labelled as »lactose free«, there are also semi-hard cheeses Gauda, Edamec, Trapist, Šmarski Rok, Dolinar and Dimar. Semi-hard cheese Zelene Doline boasts further excellence due to the production process during which no preservatives are used, not even preservatives permitted by the law. For that reason, they are proud holders of the label »higher quality«. Without any worries we can include them in our menu, along with lactose-free milk, and put them on a slice of fresh bread or prepare fried cheese; they also combine perfectly with dried meat products.