Join us in our culinary expedition – with ZELENE DOLINE cooking cream

When creativity goes hand in hand with the desire to create a perfect meal, we become filled with passion, while the fusion of excellent foods is just the start of a great culinary journey. There is only a thin line between a plain pleasure and à la carte pleasure. The secret lies in the selection of high-quality ingredients, adding taste and flavour to every meal. One such secret ingredient is cooking cream, the latest novelty in the range of ZELENE DOLINE dairy products.



Cook with ease, passion and pleasure and you can become an a la carte chef in your own home kitchen, writing your own culinary stories. The secret is in the ingredients, particularly their quality and freshness. ZELENE DOLINE cooking cream is indispensable in sauces, dressings and side dishes, providing a delicate touch of exquisiteness. It turns any cook into a genuine chef, shortens the preparation time and improves how food tastes.

ZELENE DOLINE cooking cream has a creamy texture. It works wonderfully in a cream sauce poured over pasta or even for enriching simple chicken breast fillets. If you are always racing against time but want something really good for a meal, try cottage-cheese ravioli with cream.

There is no doubt that ZELENE DOLINE cooking cream meets the criteria of top-quality food. It is produced from Slovenian milk supplied exclusively from the Slovenian purchase area. It also bears the “GMO free – grown/produced without genetically modified organisms” mark, surely bringing a competitive edge to the market.

Its packaging comes with a practical plastic lid, ensuring simple and fast use. If you do not use all of the cream in one go, you can place the lid on the packaging and store it in the refrigerator. Then simply use it the next day.

Culinary creations are always inspired by passion and a desire for excellence which is nicely captured in the saying “Love passes through the stomach”.