A new way to prepare excellent grilled food – ZELENE DOLINE “PIKANT” young kaymak

The secret behind the best dishes lies in combining the right ingredients. ZELENE DOLINE “PIKANT” young kaymak is this year’s new arrival in the range of always exquisite ZELENE DOLINE dairy products. Its tangy taste makes it a real gourmet peculiarity, adding a touch of piquant elegance to any grilled food.



Want to become known for serving the best and a unique selection of grilled dishes?

The secret of exquisite food is in the combination of the right ingredients. What certainly makes a culinary experience outstanding is PIKANT ZELENE DOLINE young kaymak, a true gourmet quirk. The tanginess of the piquant elegance adds something that always captures our attention in a dish.

Its flavour, with a gentle hint of tomato, goes wonderfully with spicy chilli. No preservatives or stabilisers are involved when we produce it. The Slovenian milk we use and the local production process allow ZELENE DOLINE PIKANT young kaymak to proudly carry the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark.

Let us enjoy a culinary delight with a piquant twist:
•    Simple, yet piquant: a slice of bread spread with PIKANT young kaymak
•    Ideal, yet piquant: home-baked bread in harmony with a slice of prosciutto and PIKANT young kaymak
•    Family time, yet piquant: a table laden with various delicacies and PIKANT young kaymak
•    Fun, yet piquant: dishes hot off the grill, best friends and – to top it all off – PIKANT young kaymak