Join us in our culinary expedition – with ZELENE DOLINE cooking cream

When creativity goes hand in hand with the desire to create a perfect meal, we become filled with passion, while the fusion of excellent foods is just the start of a great culinary journey. There is only a thin line between a plain pleasure and à la carte pleasure. The secret lies in the selection of high-quality ingredients, adding taste and flavour to every meal. One such secret ingredient is cooking cream, the latest novelty in the range of ZELENE DOLINE dairy products.

ZELENE DOLINE long-life milk, produced exclusively in Slovenia.

ZELENE DOLINE long-life milk is produced exclusively from the Slovenian purchase area. You can choose between milk with 3.5% or 1.5% milk fat, whereas our long-life lactose-free milk can also be enjoyed by those with a sensitive metabolism. Our product range now also includes smaller packaging – ZELENE DOLINE long-life milk with 3.5% milk fat in 0.5-litre packaging.

Ambitious plans to expand the range of Zelene Doline products

Zelene Doline dairy products are our passion. We have set ourselves ambitious plans and focused our efforts on technologically modernising the filling line to enable our own production of Zelene Doline liquid yoghurts in PET bottles. We believe that the practical packaging and more diverse offer of liquid yoghurts will add to the vivid lifestyle of our loyal customers and, as an ingredient in culinary delights, strengthen their trust in the Zelene Doline brand.

Lactose-free milk for a bright start of your day

Milk is a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. However, an increasing number of people have digestive problems when drinking milk. In most cases, there occur the symptoms of lactose intolerance, which prevents the digestion of milk sugar. For that reason,we recommend long-lasting lactose-free milk Zelene Doline, which can be freely consumed even by people with digestive problems.