The secrets of quality are locked in our products labelled “higher quality”.

Edam, Trappist, Gouda, Šmarski Rok, Dolinar,Dimar and Oki Doki are cheeses sold under the Zelene Doline brand and labelled as products of “higher quality”. The key to earning this label is the production process, during which no preservatives are added.

Višja kakovost

Advantages of Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses for the consumer

The higher quality of Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses is achieved by using a special milk processing procedure. The thorough treatment of milk, pasteurisation and mechanical removal of bacteria and spores from the milk give our cheeses a long life and better quality without using preservatives, which are otherwise allowed by law. The justified trust in their quality is also maintained by our use of exclusively Slovene milk which is produced without any genetically modified organisms.  

The added value of Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses is that they can also be enjoyed by people with allergic reactions to egg proteins. These cheeses don’t contain the preservative lysozyme which is extracted from egg white and considered as an allergen that needs to be indicated on packaging.

What does the label “higher quality” mean?

The “higher quality” label is carried by farm produce or food products whose quality in terms of specific properties (including the raw materials and physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic properties) is superior to the quality of other farm produce or food products of the same type. This symbol of guaranteed quality is awarded only in Slovenia. To use this symbol, it is necessary to get approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and a certificate from an independent control and certification organisation. If the food products and produce meet the requirements of applicable rules, decrees and strict quality standards, they receive the “higher quality” label, indicating their exceptional quality.

Trace the Zelene Doline cheeses with the "higher quality” label.