The “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark

Izbrana kakovost Slovenija

Nowadays, consumers are well aware how important food quality is, which is why they pay more attention to food product quality and origin. They care about who has produced milk and dairy products and how. Slovenian quality inspires trust in them and is an important factor in their decision to buy and, consequently, demand for local products has been growing. Slovenian food products, including milk and dairy products, have so far lacked a uniform mark and communication to present themselves in the market. To facilitate consumers’ recognition of local quality products which are grown/ produced in Slovenia, the Ministry of Agriculture, joined by all stakeholders in the supply chain, has established the “Selected Quality” national scheme and the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark.

Proudly bearing the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark

The mark guarantees to consumers that the product has special qualities and clearly denotes it is regularly controlled as well as produced and processed entirely in Slovenia.

Milk and dairy products bearing the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark have the following distinguishing properties:

  • the origin of raw milk – the milk and other dairy products are produced entirely in the same country, Slovenia,
  • milk quality – excellent microbiological quality of milk,
  • freshness of raw milk – it's 15 hours at most from the takeover of milk at the collection site to its acceptance into the processing plant.

The “Selected Quality – Slovenia” mark in the 'milk' group is awarded only to top quality products of Slovenian origin. The mark carries a message, encouraging consumers to purchase local dairy products, which have a short supply chain and excel in freshness and quality. For producers, it means a commitment to care for consumer as well as development of Slovenian rural areas and the dairy industry.

ZELENE DOLINE dairy products with the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” mark

In the company of more than 1,000 Slovenian milk producers, Mlekarna Celeia successfully passed the certification on 28 October 2016 and thus joined the “Selected Quality” scheme.

On the occasion, Marjan Jakob, General Manager of Mlekarna Celeia, said: “28 October 2016 and our joining the Selected Quality scheme was a new milestone in Mlekarna Celeia’s history. In 2014 our dairy opened its doors to consumers and enabled them, as the only Slovenian dairy at the time, to track ZELENE DOLINE dairy products via Milky Way and the “Izvor – by OriginTrail” mobile application all the way up to the product’s origin, i.e. the farm where milk was produced. It is for this reason that the Selected Quality scheme means continuation of the strategy for Mlekarna Celeia, with which we undertook to source milk exclusively from Slovenian producers and thus offer our consumers top Slovenian quality.”

Christmas yogurt bearing the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” mark

Christmas yogurt is the first product with which ZELENE DOLINE brand enters the market with the “Selected Quality – Slovenia” protective mark.

In November 2016 we wrote about our Christmas yogurt as follows:
The Slovenian quality of our Christmas yogurt is additionally proven by the “Without GMO – grown/produced without genetically modified organisms” mark.

Our Christmas yogurt has been awarded several times for its high quality by the expert public. This year, at the 30th International Quality Assessment for Milk and Dairy Products within the 54th International Agricultural and Food Fair – AGRA in Gornja Radgona, it received the Big Gold medal. One year earlier, in 2015, our Christmas yogurt proudly stood tall on receiving the gold medal.