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Zelene Doline products and lactose intolerance

Humans have been drinking animal milk for thousands of years. Nevertheless, an increasing number of people are experiencing indigestion after drinking milk or dairy products. In most cases, this is a symptom of lactose intolerance. Does this mean we should cross dairy products off the menu? By no means!

Zelene Doline long-lasting lactose-free milk with 3.5% milk fat can also be enjoyed by those with a sensitive metabolism. Its advantage, compared to its rivals, is its origin, namely the milk is supplied exclusively from the Slovenian purchase area and bears the “GMO-free – without genetically modified organisms” mark. The added value of this product is its practical packaging, including a screw cap on top of it. The cap is easy to open and re-seal, which simplifies handling of the carton. Milk can easily be poured into a glass or cup or used to prepare different culinary delights.

mleko brez laktoze

Zelene Doline lactose-free liquid yogurt
In our desire to cater to our customers’ needs and desires, we present the Zelene Doline lactose-free liquid yogurt. This yogurt can also be freely enjoyed by those with a sensitive metabolism. As the milk sugar, lactose, breaks down into glucose and galactose, yogurt develops a milder, less sour flavour which is more typical of plain yogurts. The benefits also include low milk fat content, just 1.3%, and the additive-free production process. 


Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses (Edam, Trappist, Gouda, Šmarski Rok, Dolinar and Dimar) contain no lactose or milk sugar. This is why they can be included in your diet, whether as a topping on a slice of fresh bread, as deep-fried breaded cheese or as an ideal companion for cured meats.

What is more, Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses are made using an advanced process that requires no addition of preservatives and makes the cheeses even more suitable for a balanced diet.

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