Zelene Doline products are indispensable in the home kitchen, where they can help you create tasty meals. An excellently prepared meal is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Preparing a meal together with other people creates a splendid mix of flavours, with new, delightful stories dreamt up in the circle of family or friends. Whether sweet or savoury, a side dish or main course, the truly excellent ingredients found in Zelene Doline products are sure to make your recipes a success.

Get your inspiration from our recipes.

Crème fraîche fruit tart

There’s nothing like a colourful open-air market in the springtime to inspire a cook’s imagination. Take advantage of the fresh seasonal fruit and relish the flavours offered by nature. This time, we give you a recipe we simply called crème fraîche fruit tart.


Fruit sponge cake with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is perfectly complemented by the freshness of fruit. It can be used to create many delicious desserts which can also be pulled off by beginner cooks. Have a go at this fruit sponge cake with cottage cheese. It is quick and easy to make. You can also find the recipe on the inside of the packaging of Linia pureed skimmed cottage cheese.

Stuffed oranges

Oranges are one of our favourite seasonal winter fruits . Their taste is nicely complemented by chocolate. You can use both ingredients to make a lovely dessert enriched with cream, dry fruit and cinnamon.


Dreamy yogurt cake with fresh raspberries

Have you ever wondered what dreams taste like? What is their colour or aroma? Perhaps they taste of intoxicating vanilla and refreshing raspberries. Perhaps they are delicate like a sweet thought or fluffy like clouds. Maybe they are like this dreamy yogurt cake with fresh strawberries...

Cottage cheese mice

Be creative with Linea cottage cheese, which enhances the diversity of Slovene cuisine with its refreshing flavour. You can use it to fry traditional batter “mice” with a different twist. Simple and scrumptious.