Zelene Doline products are indispensable in the home kitchen, where they can help you create tasty meals. An excellently prepared meal is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Preparing a meal together with other people creates a splendid mix of flavours, with new, delightful stories dreamt up in the circle of family or friends. Whether sweet or savoury, a side dish or main course, the truly excellent ingredients found in Zelene Doline products are sure to make your recipes a success.

Get your inspiration from our recipes.

Crispy deep-fried cheese

Does the thought of the rich buttery taste of slightly melted cheese in a crispy breadcrumb crust make your mouth water? Instead of resorting to the frozen section, it is almost as quick and easy to prepare deep-fried cheese yourself. Making it in your home kitchen will be fun and it will taste much better.

Buckwheat dumplings with cheese

Excellent as a side dish or as a meal on its own, these dumplings are great for everyone who simply loves home-made food.