Quality and environmental protection

Care for quality

In a landscape of green valleys and mountains, hard-working rural hands are ensuring the countryside’s development and the growth of farms. With love and respect for nature, they are helping shape the development of Slovenia’s milk-processing industry and actively contributing to the quality of Zelene Doline dairy products. The “Grown/Produced without GMOs” certificate awarded to our products and the “higher quality” label boasted by our cheeses are proof of our commitment to quality and the environment.

Food quality and safety

At Mlekarna Celeia, we ensure product compliance with the requirements of the legislation, various markets and our customers. Our effective food safety management system is built on HACCP principles. The company provides an appropriate level of information in the food chain. We are aware that maintaining the vitality of nature is the duty and responsibility of each and every employee.

In the future, we will continue to develop natural, healthy, high-quality and good products – the kind of products the consumer expects and wants. Our company adheres to the IFS (International Featured Standards) standard which provides a single approach to assessing the systems of food safety and quality in suppliers. This standard pays special attention to the consumer and entails a controlled production system in order to ensure high-quality and safe products.

We take pride in the fact that we purchase milk exclusively in Slovene territory and that we are the first Slovene producer to hold the “Grown/Produced without GMOs" certificate. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by the “higher quality” label carried by Zelene Doline semi-hard cheeses.

By focusing on quality, we will maintain our business strength and continue to hold our place in the circle of internationally recognized, commercially successful, market-oriented and reputable companies. Fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers is our job and their satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Our attitude to employees

The coordination of professional, family and private life is a major challenge in modern society. This is particularly true of the present time, when career pressures are causing us to spend an increasing amount of time in the workplace. In the knowledge that motivated and satisfied staff can help build our company’s success, Mlekarna Celeia has adopted a set of activities to improve their satisfaction, and expanded on this by obtaining full certification as a Family Friendly Company.

Our work is guided by the thought that a winner is not someone who always wins and never falls but someone who never gives up and always gets back on their feet.

Our attitude to work

At Mlekarna Celeia, we carry out our work with responsibility and quality, being aware of our role in helping achieve company objectives. Our operations are planned, target-oriented and consistent with the adopted company strategy. A comprehensive work process includes the proper planning of tasks, effective supervision of their implementation and the development of measures for achieving the agreed targets. We realize the importance of each leg win. We know how to both give and accept praise. Our efforts are directed at continuous improvements and progress in terms of business and personal relationships.

Quality is our best product, the result of tradition and the key to success – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We can do it!
Arja vas, 2.4.2016
Marjan Jakob, direktor